7 VSCode Extensions for Backend Developers

7 VSCode Extensions for Backend Developers

Useful VSCode extensions for NodeJS/TypeScript developers

VSCode might be the most used text editor in this era, it has passed Atom and Sublime Text combined so far.

VSCode has a very rich extension marketplace where you can find a huge number of very useful extensions that can turn your coding experience into a really exciting adventure.

As a backend developer, you will definitely need to test your API endpoints. Switching back and forward between your VSCode and API testing app(Postman, Insomnia, RapidAPI...) can turn into a big distraction.

Postman for VSCode gives you all the features of a normal Postman desktop application which significantly reduces distraction.

2-Git History Diff
This extension has the same features as GitLens but for free. If you're working with a team, this extension is a must, it allows you to know who's the member who wrote the exact line and which PR.

3-TypeLens(TypeScript Specified)
Personally, I have tried WebStorm, and one of the features I liked a lot, is function, and variable referencing. WebStorm above any function tells you how much that function has been used and where.

TypeLens, adds the same functionality to VSCode, at the current time, it works best for TypeScript.

4-Database Client
One of the greatest VSCode extensions I have ever used. Database Client allows you to connect to both RDB and NoSQL servers, it supports many RDB managers such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB

5-Code Spell Checker
This extension will help you define meaningful variables, functions, class names, and even the string messages you return. It'll help you write readable, clean code.

One of the most useful VSCode extensions, it gives you a full vision of your commit, branches, and PRs merges on your git repository.

WakaTime helps you keep yourself motivated, it records your time while you're coding, and it can also provide reports on how much you've spent using a specific programming language.

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